Two New Options for Massachusetts Small Businesses

Dear Aisling Partners Client:

On behalf of Aisling Partners, I would like to update you on a couple health care initiatives currently taking place in Massachusetts that may prove to be positive for small businesses:

The Affordable Health Care Plan
First, from a legislative standpoint, Harriett Stanley and Senator Richard Moore have filed a proposal known as the Affordable Health Care Plan. This bill would require health plans as well as providers to control their costs which could reduce premiums for small businesses on comparable products by as much as 22%. Legislative hearings are scheduled for the month of March to bring all stakeholders (insurance carriers, providers, employers, and others) together in an effort to provide much needed relief to small businesses in Massachusetts. The Affordable Health Care Plan has the potential to provide immediate and significant savings to you and your employees.

Business Express
The second initiative now underway is Business Express, a new product being offered through the Massachusetts Health Connector Plan. The state has taken the liberty to send out letters directly to all employers with fifty or fewer employees announcing the new program and highlighting some possible savings. Although there is much speculation about this new platform and its ability to meet financial and contractual needs of small businesses, Aisling Partners will explore this new product / distribution channel on behalf of all of our clients. We are an independent firm committed to providing optimal solutions and we will not overlook any opportunity, including Business Express, to provide the best advice, guidance, and counsel to you and your employees.

What’s Next?
As the letter states, In times like these, you owe it to yourself to compare and select the health plan that is right for you and your employees. This statement could not be more true and we would ask for your continued support in allowing Aisling Partners to explore Business Express, and all other available options, on your behalf in 2010 and beyond.

Feel free to call us for information or to request assistance in looking into these new programs.

Thank you for your continued vote of confidence in our firm!

Todd C. McDonald

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