Unemployment Extension Legislation Update

June 16 Update: Legislation that would provide an extension of federal extended unemployment benefits, which have expired, was rejected by the Senate today. Democrats are going to attempt to change the legislation in the hopes of coming up with a bill that will pass.

In the past, the extensions have been retroactive, so, hopefully, that will be the case this time if an extension is approved. As of now, the measure is a scaled down version that extends filing deadlines through November and does not include the COBRA subsidy.

In addition, the legislation does not include a Tier 5 unemployment extension that would provide additional weeks of unemployment for the 99ers – the unemployed workers who have exhausted all unemployment benefits.

For the current status of unemployment, check with your State Unemployment Office web site for details on who qualifies and when and how benefits will be paid, or contact us for more information.   

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