Voluntary Benefits 101

Are you offering enough value services to attract and retain a quality workforce?

Rising health insurance premiums are not new to employees, high deductible plans are. One of our value services is offering effective and creative ways you can use to help alleviate some of the high deductible burdens your employees are starting to experience. Voluntary benefits are an effective tool to utilize as an employer. These benefits are 100% employee paid through payroll and offer a wide array of coverage, including, but not limited to life insurance, disability and accident insurance.

Voluntary benefits offer a way to off-set the out of pocket costs of the employee’s medical plans with a small per-payroll deduction. They also offer a way to supplement any group life or disability.

In a study conducted by MetLife, you can see the value that voluntary benefits hold in the eyes of employees. Adding these benefits to your arsenal gives employees another reason to stay, and gives prospective employees another reason to consider you.

If you are interested in learning more about the voluntary options, please contact our office at: 508-799-9100

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