Walgreens turns away from Express Scripts negotiations

You may have received word that Walgreens and Express Scripts have a retail agreement that will expire on 12/31/2011. There had been ongoing negotiations between both parties to come up with a new retail agreement for 1/1/2012 until negotiation conversations recently broke down. Express Scripts is hopeful that they will be able to return to the negotiating table with Walgreens and resolve any outstanding items that are hindering the process.

Please see the link below to the Express Scripts website that provides some additional details:


If negotiations don’t continue or are unsuccessful, Walgreens will no longer be in the Express Scripts pharmacy network as of 1/1/2012. It is hopefully that Express Scripts and Walgreens will reach an agreement so that members will not be impacted. Express Scripts is doing what they can to ensure minimal inconvenience for their members. In the event that an agreement can not be reached, ¬†Express Scripts will provide members with the names and locations of convenient, nearby pharmacies.

Please stay tuned for further information.

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