Health Care Services

Over time, our clients have come to rely on us to deliver quality, cost effective benefit programs that not only meet the unique needs of their employees, but are truly an extension of their values as employers. Let Aisling Partners become part of your team.

Our plan services include:

Plan Design

We work with you in designing plans to meet your organization’s unique objectives. We can assist with medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and accident coverage. Our services include the design of fully insured and self-funded plan (plan administrative services only and minimum premium arrangements).


Vendor Selection

Based on your plan’s features and your organization’s needs, we develop customized request for proposal, interface with respondents, analyze and evaluate responses, assist in negotiations and vendor selection (including contract provisions, services rendered, performance standards, costs, and cost guarantees), and help you through implementation.


Vendor Review

We support you be evaluating the service you are receiving, monitoring plan performance, conducting financial reviews, and reviewing plan experience. Based on our findings, we assist you in adjusting plan design and vendor contracts.


Managed Care Analysis

Because of the special characteristics of managed care plans, we help you determine the arrangements that best suit your organization. We review Preferred Provider Plans, Point of Service, and Health Maintenance Organizations to help you understand what to expect from each, what networks are available, and what are the advantages and disadvantages. We will also work with you to determine whether managed care carve-outs make sense for specialty services such as mental health, prescription drug, or lab services.


Special Risk Programs

Business Travel Accident and Personal Accident Insurance programs may have special considerations. Regardless of whether you are considering a voluntary program or an employer-paid plan, we will help you find the best fit.


Voluntary Benefits

If you do not offer group health and voluntary insurance benefits, where will employees get the money for medical care, emergencies, and income replacement? Let us work on behalf of your employees to ensure quality customer service and claims assistance from providers who are offering fewer services for the same or greater cost to you and your employees. Our job doesn’t end when we place your plan with a provider. Our number one priority is to ensure ongoing employee satisfaction through superior service and clear and frequent communications.


Legislative Compliance

Frequent legislative changes affect the employee benefits industry. We keep you abreast of legislative changes through our email updates and work with you to ensure your programs remain in compliance.

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