Total Comp Statements

Show your employees exactly what they’re worth to you by communicating the advantages and costs of their health and welfare programs with Total Compensation Statements. With graphically appealing representations of costs and benefits and personalized messages from management, Total Compensation Statements enable employees to fully understand the value of their benefits, and thus, reinforce their overall relationship with the employer.

Unfortunately, most employees do not fully understand the value of their benefits. Total Compensation Statements solve that problem by communicating their value in a number of different ways:

Benefit Statement Manager

Deliver detailed employer and employee benefits costs and contributions. The graphically appealing representations of costs and benefits provides and easy-to-read, effective presentation that increases employee communications and relations.

Professional, Easy-to-Read Benefits Statements

  • More Effectively Communicate the Total Cost of Benefits
  • Showcase employer/employee contributions
  • Enable employees to fully understand the value of their benefits
  • Improve employee retention and morale

Easy Set-up and Attractive Presentation

Each statement is individually personalized. You can add a personalized text message from the Company President or HR Staff. Then Benefit Statement manager creates two-page, professional, personalized benefit statements that is clear and concise with pie charts and tables that display all benefits and their costs.

Communicate Value Clearly

There is no easier and more effective way to show your employees that they mean more to your company than just a salary number. And positive employee communications relations is something you just can’t do without.

Software Capabilities

  • Import all employee data and benefit information
  • Set up multiple employee classes
  • Set up tax rules
  • Set up benefits and rules
  • Add non-traditional benefits
  • Create text with personalized content
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