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Managing benefit programs is difficult and getting more difficult. Employees in many large companies have grown accustomed to rich benefit programs and those employees in smaller companies point to larger companies and ask for comparable benefits. Simultaneously, the government is imposing complex reporting and qualification standards on employers that are increasingly difficult to both understand and comply.

In response to these demands, we first help employers develop a clear philosophy that identifies specific benefit plan objectives. We then work with them to design, implement, and administer programs that meet all stakeholder needs. For example, employers want plans that attract, motivate, and retain employees on a cost efficient basis to the company while remaining compliant with federal and state regulations. Employees want affordable choices that meet their unique healthcare needs. We help our clients achieve all this, and what’s better, we do so while providing state-of-the-art technology solutions and friendly customer care from experienced professionals in the process.

Employers’ Needs

An employer can achieve two broad objectives through the use of health and welfare plans designed specifically for their employee population. The employer can demonstrate its commitment of being socially responsible by protecting employees against a large portion of unexpected costs for medical care in the event of illness or injury. Employers can also add to their bottom line by attracting, motivating, and retaining employees through the use of preventative care and wellness programs that increase employee retention, decrease turnover, reduce absences, and enhance the relationship between the company and its employees.

Employees’ Needs

Most employees cannot obtain affordable and flexible healthcare coverage without help from an employer. If an employer can provide a program that considers the healthcare needs of employees, provides flexible benefit options, bares some or most of the cost, and communicates the value of its programs to employees, employees will respond with appreciation and enthusiasm for the success of the company.

Our Resources are Organized Around Your Needs

Aisling Partners role as an advisor is to continuously monitor and modify your health and welfare benefits to provide sound, cost-effective coverage to your employees. As such, our resources are organized around your needs:

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