Aisling U

Aisling University is a web based educational experience for us and our clients. The mission of the university is to provide curriculum for those looking to further educate and inform themselves on matters related to but not limited to, compliance & regulatory mandates, group benefits and best HR practices.

In an ever changing and evolving industry, it is more important than ever for Human Resource and Benefit Managers to take control of their programs and the financial impact they have on companies. We will make AU’s curriculum which will be taught by leading industry professionals available to you, as an Aisling Partners client.


AU curriculum will be taught via three main avenues

  • You Tube video’s that can be watched “at will”
  • Scheduled webinars
  • Live Classes and Seminars

About Aisling University

Aisling University was created by our firm to take charge and also to take responsibility in educating both our employees and clients alike on the group benefits industry.

This site will be your easy and exclusive access to all things education. Relevant topics archived in short videos will contain everything from products to regulations and everything that falls in between. Our curriculum is continously changing and we’re always open to feedback. Our intentions of AU is to keep the content:

  • Engaging
  • Electronic
  • Clear and Concise
  • Led by Industry thought leaders

Aisling University’s Mission

The mission of Aisling University has been clear since its inception in 2011. It is to provide the most relevant and accurate information in our industry for our employees and clients. Our goal is to offer carefully selected curriculum that is designed to enhance and promote professional growth for all of our participating students.

In a division of the workplace that seems to change daily, it is important to keep on top of developments and industry trends. We believe in the education process and in providing our clients with this resource as part of our commitment to our professional relationships.