Managing the complexities of state and federal employee benefits regulations is no easy task for any employer.  You may think you have it under control, but there may unseen risks that you have not been informed of. Combine that with the ever-changing healthcare regulations and it is easy to see how you can fall behind on obligations and expose your organization to a great deal of fines and legal risk.

Our compliance solutions are a suite of tools and resources that support your company in making key compliance decisions and provides timely guidance from industry experts. You have direct access to our team of compliance attorneys and are kept up-to-date through email news and regulatory alerts, educational webinars, publications and much more.

Areas of Compliance Expertise

  • Wrap SPD provided post renewal
  • Monthly Compliance Webinars
  • 5500 Filing Assistance
  • Cobra Administration Software
  • Schedule 1095 Assistance
  • Compliance tracking software
  • Client Alerts on Compliance Issues
  • Access to recognized legal counsel

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