Traditionally, these have been accomplished with robust benefit fairs, wellness programs, open enrollment memos, and ultimately open enrollment meetings and webinars at renewal time.  In addition, APIB created a learning institute, Aisling University (AU), as an educational resource and repository for HR professionals and employees alike.  AU has received industry accolades and APIB will continue to commit resources to the continued development of AU moving forward.

In our experience, one of the primary challenges facing organizations is their unique ability to communicate with their employees. As such, we will work with you to determine the current state of affairs around benefit communication, and what strategies would be most impactful over a multi-year timeframe.

Aisling Partners both provides and consults on communication services to our clients and their employees. Services are provided in multiple formats, and include items such as online Benefit Portals, Enrollment and Benefit Administration platforms, Private Insurance Exchanges (PIE), or Total Compensation Statements.  Beyond these standard resources, we are always available to discuss specific communication pieces to address a group’s unique needs.

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