Products and Plans

Our consultation on your products and plans are a year round commitment from our firm to your organization. We believe you should rely on your consultants to remain aware of products and plans that are entering the markets or are on the horizon. We do our best to take a creative and proactive approach to our client’s benefits programs by ensuring we cover all of our bases when discussing options, whether they are a fit now or would potentially be a better fit in five years.

The amount of plans and design changes that have entered the markets in the past few years are staggering. The amount of alternate funding methods, actuarial services, PMB administration and analysis have grown significantly, that is just to name a few. You can rely on us for a full debrief on any new entrants or methods in the marketplace to ensure you’re still providing the best in class and financially advantageous program to your organization.

Items we discuss with our clients

  • Group Insurance
  • Tiered & Limited Networks
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Self Funding
  • Level Funding
  • Tax Favored Plans
  • Costs & Structures
  • Defined Contributions
  • Claims Analysis
  • Rates Negotiations
  • RX Carve Outs
  • Data Analyzers
  • Premium Differentials
  • ACO’s
  • Captives

Sample Vendor Partners