Your Answer to The Complex World

The HR & Benefits technology marketplace is complex and constantly changing. There are too many unnecessary reasons why projects fail to meet their objectives. You can not afford to take on that risk. Technology can deliver substantial value, but only if the right technology is selected and properly implemented. There are 100s of vendors available, but only a select few will likely align with your objectives.

Technology Solutions to Streamline Your Processes

We have access to a premier resource for the selection, implementation and optimization of HR & Benefits technology, HR Technology Advisors, LLC. They have decades of experience in this market, they know the vendors and the keys to success. We believe your needs are unique and provide technology solutions that are tailored to that uniqueness. Regardless of where you are in the technology process, we can help our clients save time and money while streamlining processes. By developing a sound technology strategy, we can help your technology team find a new system, or supplement the team with project management or subject matter expertise. We are principally focused on helping our clients achieve results. We strive to select the “best” solution, but also the solution that has the highest probability of success based on our decades of experience in this market. We recommend vendors that are equally committed to quality and excellence. We take pride in our client achievements and point to our successes as a testimony to our commitment to excellence.

We Ask The Right Questions

  • Define your current capabilities
  • Define high level requirements
  • Pinpoint human resources and benefits delivery gaps
  • Understand corporate dynamics
  • Understand budget
  • Manage RFI process
  • Manage RFP process
  • Manage demo process
  • Manage selection process
  • Finalize a vendor

We Are Part of Something Bigger

We have access to objective market-experts who study this market every day. Experienced Consultants support our clients in many ways:

  • Technology Strategy
  • Business Case Development
  • Process Redesign
  • Vendor Selection
  • Implementation Management
  • User Adoption

Our Vendor Partner